Tuesday, 18 Jun 2024
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altYou can know only what you love

Tratos Technology ”TT” Magazine is the voice of Tratos.

The goal is simple, to share knowledge and promote awareness of new and emerging technology in the cable industry.

Literally to inform, educate and maybe even entertain.

Our contributors are a cross-section of Tratos staff from across the world from England, Germany, China, Italy, Spain, combining their expertise and wealth of experience from a company with over 40 years of outstanding research, development and investment in cable making technology.

TT Magazine is where Tratos will announce our latest developments in order to share our research with the world and offer the benefits of our cutting edge technology.

We feel that the sharing of knowledge is vital to the ethical and responsible development of society. For over forty years Tratos have been developing the latest generations of hi-tech cables whilst never compromising on either our responsibility to the environment or our respect for the ethics and ideals of humanity.

It is with this in mind that TT Magazine is setting out to acknowledge the creation and development of new technology and how it can benefit people worldwide, to be one of the leading lights towards a brighter future.