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Tratos is a specialist supplier of mining and tunnelling equipment Print E-mail

Tratos Mining cablesTratos is a specialist supplier of mining and tunnelling equipment that is used at applications worldwide. The group is one of the most trusted suppliers of cables with long-standing relationships with major global mining groups.

Our dedicated product engineers understand the special requirements needed for cable used in the harshest of industrial and mining environments.  They have worked diligently to ensure that our industrial and mining cable has been manufactured and tested to meet or exceed industry standards such as AS/NZS, VDE, BS, UL, CSA, MSHA, and OSHA.  Our products also meet approval of RoHS compliant. So, whether you need cable for open pit mining or to transport power deep into a mineshaft, just look to Tratos to meet your most discriminating needs.

Mining cable is also weather resistant, but is specifically customized for the mining market; it is designed to resist sunlight, water, extreme temperature, chemical, oil and abrasion, while also performing reliably in tough drilling environments. The voltage range for mining cable is between 600V and 35KV.

Mining machines in both the coal industry and the metalliferous and extractives industry work in a harsh unforgiving environment, both on the surface and underground. Many of these machines are mobile and their motive energy source is often electricity. Because of the harsh environment and special requirements for electrical distribution at mines, cables used on mining machines and to supply mining machines are specially constructed.

For furhter information contat us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it +39 0575 794 330 or www.tratos.eu