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Tratos is delighted to announce the opening of the “Tratos Innovation Academy”, attended by the Mayor of Knowsley, the Mayor of Pieve Santo Stefano in Italy, and the President of Tratos Cavi.  During the event, several key authorities were in attendance; including representatives from the Regional Growth Fund, the Chrysalis Fund, the Liverpool Enterprise Fund, HSBC Bank - to all of whom Tratos owe a great thanks for their support with the investment of Tratos’ Knowsley manufacturing facility.

Other Local and National Authorities were present; including members of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, those of Knowsley Council, representatives of BASEC, British Cable Association and the Approved Cables Initiative, and also various other members of Industry Associations of which Tratos is a member.  

Tratos have celebrated together this opportunity to share experiences, in addition to opening Phase I of the Knowsley Expansion and also the “Tratos Innovation Academy”. This Academy will be the hub from which Tratos wishes to innovate, educate, and form its own personnel, at all levels - from the top echelons through to the factory workers.  The main belief held by Tratos is education.  

During the Introductory Speech by the Mayor of Knowsley; she highlighted her thanks for the opportunities provided to the people of Knowsley, and in turn for the new generation which will be able to find solid job prospects at Tratos; a family company with fifty years of history within the Industry. The Welcoming Speech provided by Ing. Albano Bragagni underlined a number of the notable investments: up to now, more than £10 million has been spent on equipment and building costs at Knowsley - the size of the facility has more than quadrupled; from 5000 square metres to nearly 20,000 square metres.  This has in turn increased capacity for the range of products produced within the UK - from Railways to Energy sectors.  Phase II will mark the installation of a Faraday Cage; so as to test Medium and High Voltage cable solutions here in the United Kingdom.

Dr Ennio Bragagni Capaccini, Vice President of Tratos Group explained the important of the education in the Tratos Culture: “people are and make the different in the business, Tratos has always invested in the person”.

From the beginning of 2016, Tratos UK Ltd will be the second largest UK-based cable manufacturer.  Dr Maurizio Bragagni, CEO of Tratos (UK) Ltd, has invited the Mayor to the Inauguration of Phase II in November, and also has requested her assistance in finding a local High School which can be linked to Tratos’ Academy, so as to present internships at the Factory to students. Tratos are now moving from an Investment Stage to a Recruitment Stage.  “I was delighted to welcome Madam Mayor and to meet someone so approachable and understanding; in terms of business, and to find a fellow educational enthusiast.  I also would like to thank all participants.  This event has been made possible thanks to the hard work of a great team.  Special thanks must go to James Card, John Light and Kevin Martin, for their support and dedication, in addition to Neil Ancell, Bob Segar, and his project team and the Ing Elisabetta Bragagni Capaccini for her constantly dedication to the investment”.  Further thanks must be extended to all those at Tratos who have contributed to this goal”.

See you on the 12th November for the Inauguration of Phase II. 









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