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Tratos’ New Generation Fibre Cable to Speed Broadband Print E-mail


A new series of optical fibre cable has been designed by Tratos Ltd specifically to increase domestic broadband speed and reliability. It’s faster and easier to install too. 

Its last-mile network fibre optics hold the potential for significantly faster response to the demand for development of broadband connectivity. The Anglo Italian cable company predicts it will be a key facilitators for this, one of the most rapidly developing sectors in the next few years.
With its FTTH (Fibre to the Home) range, Tratos has developed a super-simple solution for different installation systems.
These cables can be used inside buildings to connect individual flats. Run from the bottom to the top of the building, one or more of the cables in the bundle can branch off at any point and connect in end users’ homes.
The new wiring, for single and multiple-dwellings, also incorporates a complete indoor fibre solution.
Part of the challenge for FTTH is the diverse range of environments presented by the diversity of buildings’ infrastructure. In existing structures FTTH wiring is very often installed as the third network infrastructure in a building where, in the past, twisted pair copper and coax cabling would have been installed.
The sleek new cabling solutions offers big gains:

  • Very compact to fit into small conduits and building floor access points
  • Extremely flexible small diameter cables used with miniaturised cable accessories;
  • Reduced need for on-site pre-audits
  • Reinforced horizontal drop cables are tough enough to be pulled through existing ducts
  • A reduced amount of connectivity points (splices, connectors) shortens installation time
  • The time spent inside customers’ premises is much reduced
  • Optimized for brownfield construction networks.

Tratos’ new bespoke TRAT.OSMICRO® and TRATOSPICO® cable has been produced using advanced-performance materials from OFS, a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative fibre optic network solutions.

Tratos was quick to enlist OFS’ AllWave® FLEX and AllWaveFLEX+ Bend-Optimised Single-Mode Fibre with a 200 micron coating for cables with higher fibre counts and micro-cables where diameters must be minimised.

The fibre’s bend-optimised design enables tight, low loss bends without risking fibre strength and long-term reliability. These fibres occupy 46 percent less area than conventional 250 micron coated fibre, packing smaller diameter cables with a greater number of fibres per tube.

The 200 micron AllWave FLEX Fibre supports higher density and lower diameter cables, providing outstanding macro-bend and micro-bend performance, perfect for Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) installations.

Tratos’ Mirko Gori, Sales Area Manager, said: “OFS’ 200 micron AllWave FLEX+ fibre offers enhanced bend performance, low diameter and full compatibility and compliance with the installed base of conventional G.652.D single-mode fibres. It is an excellent choice for higher density cables for our customers’ access networks and high-density Fibre-to-the-Home applications.”

OFS maximises the reliability of its bend-optimised single-mode fibres through the use of synthetic glass and its highly protective D-Lux® acrylate coating. This enables significantly smaller bend diameters with lower loss, improved fibre strength and long-term reliability.

The products retain all the performance benefits of OFS’ AllWave Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Fibre, the first fibre to eliminate the water peak defect found in conventional fibre, due to OFS’ patented ZWP fibre manufacturing process, which eliminates hydrogen-aging defects. The ultra-low fibre Polarisation Mode Dispersion (PMD) enables speed and distance upgrades and the cables meet and exceeds both ITU-T G.657-A2 and G.652.D recommendations and International Standard IEC 60793-2-50 specifications.

Fibre to the Home in the next year is a reality for Italian village

Tratos Cavi showcased its new FTTH cabling, to leaders of all of the major telecommunication companies worldwide, at an annual event at Pieve Santo Stefano in late summer this year.

The conference, chaired by Dr Albano Bragagni focused on underground cabling and FTTH networks and looked at optical fibre to the home for broadband. Tratos presented ongoing work and development carried out by the company in this area.

The conference also explained and positioned the far-reaching benefits of Tratos’ work as a critical enabler for this industry.

Dr Bragagni, chairman of Tratos Cavi and mayor of Pieve Santo Stefano said: "Our aim is to bring fibre to every Pieve home and this conference offered Tratos an opportunity to present the latest technology in this field and outline how it intends to fulfil this long term vision. In many countries, including the UK, providers still use copper cables for the last mile of connection despite fibre to the home being the known solution.

“We hope that this project will showcase what can be achieved and position Pieve Santo Stefano as an example of a successful public pilot scheme that will also become a showcase for our work in this field.”