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Fiberness - The beating heart of broadband, and ultra, showcased at Pieve Print E-mail

FTTH-tratos 2015 engWorld-leaders from the telecommunications industry gathered at the Tiber Valley in Pieve Santo Stefano for a landmark event, hosted by Tratos. One of the most anticipated events in the industry’s calendar, the focus was on the development of broadband and ultra, and ambitious goals to serve the European Digital Agenda. Tratos demonstrated its commitment to retaining its place as a European leader in the production of cables and fibre optics, research and the continuous development of new technical solutions. The venue was, as every year, the company’s birthplace in one of the most beautiful parts of Italy. The company has grown to more than 400 employees, fostering trade relations with 52 countries around the world and developing manufacturing sites in Italy and England. This year's conference, titled "Cabling metro and FTTH networks", was divided into two parts: a strategic view, where leading members of the National Telecommunication Operators presented their insights in the field of broadband networks and ultra, and a second that had a technical focus and included analysis of field-proven solutions.

Fibre to the Home in the next year is a reality for Italian village

Tratos Cavi showcased its new FTTH (Fibre to the Home) range, focusing on underground cabling and FTTH networks. The conference also explained the far-reaching benefits of Tratos’ work as a critical enabler for the industry. Dr Bragagni, chairman of Tratos Cavi and mayor of Pieve Santo Stefano said: "Our aim is to bring fibre to every Pieve home and this conference offered Tratos an opportunity to present the latest technology in this field and outline how it intends to fulfil this long term vision. In many countries, including the UK, providers still use copper cables for the last mile of connection despite fibre to the home being the known solution.

“We hope that this project will showcase what can be achieved and position Pieve Santo Stefano as an example of a successful public pilot scheme that will also become a showcase for our work in this field.”

The Ing. Albano Bragagni was also on hand to welcome leading experts and representatives of the telecommunications industry in Italy and from across the world at Teatro Comunale, the Pieve venue. Guests were welcomed onto the stage by Mirko Gori, Area Sales Manager of Tratos Cables.  They included coordinator and moderator of the conference: Sandro Dionisi Telecom Italy; Guido Garrone, Metroweb Italy; Salvatore Lombardo, Infratel Italy; Giorgio Proietti Silvestri of Fastweb of Massimo Tarsi Telecom Italy; Francesco Montalti ITU-T SG15 WP2; Claudio Pavan of Confartigianato Companies; Valerio Claudio Di Biase of Telecom Italy and David Mazzarese of SFO. Tratos Cables’ eleventh annual event confirmed it as a signature event in the world of telecommunications, with more than 150 participants gathered to discuss Italian and European digital strategies. The spread of broadband and ultra represents a win-win option to increase innovation and competitiveness of Italy, to strengthen the economy, attract investment and develop exports.

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