Wednesday, 04 Oct 2023
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Tratos Academy brings clarity with cable Q&A Print E-mail

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A range of short informative talks have been developed by Tratos as part of its Academy learning programme to bring a clearer understanding to some important issues affecting the UK cable industry today.

The five talks, available for download from Tratos’ YouTube channel look at a number of key cable industry topics and discussion points – all subjects around which Tratos believes there is an array of misleading information. By asking those in the 'driving seat' for their answers, Tratos aims to bring clarity to its employees, customers and other cable industry stakeholders. 

The five minute talks feature Peter Smeeth General Secretary of the BCA and Approved Cables Initiative, Dr Jeremy Hodge CEO of BASEC and Neil Ancell, Non-Executive Director of Tratos UK

Peter Smeeth talks about the role of the BCA -  what it was set up to do, how it has evolved and its future plans. He also looks at substandard cable – how it remains a problem for the UK cable supply chain, the ACI’s Lobbying of Government and how it is educating the supply chain to spot a substandard cable.

Jeremy Hodge looks at standards, testing and certification – why standards are important and needed, independent third party approval, BASEC’s quality mark and product approval certification. He also outlines the most important development for improving cable safety in the UK. In addition, Jeremy explains the importance of the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and what it means for the cable industry. As well this he looks at CE Marking, some unscrupulous manufacturer practices and outlines how important it is to check cable markings. 

With regards CPR, Jeremy details what it is and why Construction Product Regulation is important to cables. He explains how it links to CE Marking and Declaration of Performance and outlines the timescale for its delivery.

Tratos’ Neil Ancell provides commentary on all the issues highlighted and spells out Tratos’ view on each subject areas.