Wednesday, 04 Oct 2023
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Tidal testing for Tratos with Scotrenewables


Cabling technology expert Tratos has supplied tidal energy R&D Company Scotrenewables with a bespoke cable solution for its SR2000 2MW tidal turbine testing programme at the European Marine Energy Centre, Orkney.

A follow up to trials on its previous prototype, the SR250 250kW, three years ago, the cable system integrates existing power and communications technologies into a combined, robust solution for challenging tidal environments.

Craig Ormsby, Business Development Manager at Tratos said: “We are pleased to supply this innovative cabling solution to Scotrenewables. Tidal power has enormous potential for future power and electricity generation in the UK and across the World and it is rewarding to be involved in such an innovative project.”
Recognising this growing trend for specialist applications, Tratos, through its Academy now ensures that employees receive greater product knowledge and a better understanding of what Tratos’ cables are used for.
Tratos Tratos’ Technical and Development Director, Peter Waterworth, said: “This kind of work reflects the importance we place on investing in people at Tratos and the importance of continuous development. It isn’t just about understanding cables and how they are made, it is also about exploring the different environments our cables serve whether it is railways, marine, oil & gas or mining and looking at how we can develop even better products for these markets.”
The innovative system sees power and fibre optic cable combined to power the tidal system hook-up.

Under scrutiny is a 6-10kV, 3 core, armoured cable, perfectly designed to maintain integrity while being moved around in harsh conditions, including bend restrictions to prevent damage under the sea.
The cable integrates with 2 MW Scotrenewables’ tidal turbine, the SR2000, a leading floating tidal technology designed around the use of low cost vessels for all installation, maintenance and decommissioning operations.
Tratos’ cable meets IEC standards 60228 and 6052-2 and is manufactured in Italy.