Wednesday, 04 Oct 2023
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Tratos director to enhance global view of BCA

Neil Ancellnon-executive director of Tratos UK, has been appointed vice president of the British Cables Association (BCA), the trade association for British manufacturers of insulated cables, wires and associated products.

Mr Ancell will take on this newly created post as the BCA plays an influential role in not just promoting the interest of UK cables and associated companies throughout the world, but also campaigns through the Approved Cables Initiative to improve the overall quality of cable on sale in the UK today.
Mr Ancell’s cabling career spans 49 years, joining Tratos UK in 2008 following the company’s purchase of North West Cables. Tratos is an Italian-owned electrical, electronic and fibre optic cable manufacturer with its head office in London and UK manufacturing facilities in the north-west of England. The company has been a member of the BCA for seven years.

Commenting upon his appointment Mr Ancell said: “Having been an active member of the BCA for the past 40 years, I relish this opportunity to have a greater involvement in helping to shape the association. It comes at a time when we are facing the possibility of very different trading environments for many of our members.


“My perspective has been broadened by working with an Italian-owned, family run cable company - UK Investment has served us well over the past eight years. Tratos is now the UK’s second largest cable manufacturer with active markets such as power, telecommunications, rail, oil & gas and construction. Our UK and Italian manufacturing facilities and bases worldwide enable us to have a more global view of the market, something we can share with our membership.”
As well as being a trade association, the BCA represents its members on relevant major policy issues across four product sectors – energy cables, communications cables and power accessories.

Peter Smeeth, spokesperson for the BCA said: “BCA promotes the interest of UK cables and associated businesses world-wide and provides services which contribute to the commercial success of the industry and is represented on more than 70 BSI committees. It also runs a forum for discussion on environment and Health & Safety matters.
“BCA examines what is being considered in fire safety, electric cars, umbilicals and rail infrastructure for example. We coordinate the efforts of our members, gather their comments and then promote agreed solutions to BSI”.

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