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2010 March
Tratos Cavi SpA has a new website! Print E-mail

tratos_website_03aWe have launched a new look for the Tratos website. We’ve been working on this for the past few months and in fact it is still work in progress as the changes will continue to roll out across the site in the coming days and weeks, and beyond that we have further improvements planned for later in the year.
Not only have we changed the layout but all the contents, especially for the “Products” section. You should also look at the other sections, like "Tratos World" where you can find where our factories and offices are located or see our associated companies like Modular Wiring Systems…

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APPLICATIONS of TratosDedalus in photo-voltaic installations according to IMQ CPT 065 giugno 2009

20.000 H TESTED!

TratosDedalus cable was speciallt studied and designed for use in photo-voltaic installations for energy production. It can be used internally or externally, in fixed or mobile positions and also in tubes and ducts.

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Memo of Understanding for Establishing a Syrian-Italian Company to Produce Fiber Optic Cables Print E-mail

Memo of Understanding for Establishing a Syrian-Italian Company to Produce Fiber Optic Cables

Damascus, (SANA)- Minister of Industry Fuad Issa al-Juni discussed Monday with Chairman of the Italian company for fiber optic cables (Tratos) Albano Bragagni establishing a joint company for producing fiber optic cables in Syria at Damascus Cable Company. This comes in accordance with the industry law No. 21 and with the participation of Syrian Ministries of Industry and Communication and Technology and Tratos Co.

Minister al-Juni said that the three sides made a memo of understanding for establishing the company, which will be soon submitted to the Economic Committee to get the approval so that a study of the economic and technical feasibility of the company can be conducted.

On the other hand, al-Juni discussed with Minister of Education Ali Saad issue of handing over the locations of Damascus Oil Company and Kamilia Company for Food Products to the Ministry of Education. Agreement was made on preparing a memo on the appropriate mechanism for the transfer process and issue of employment in both companies to be submitted to the cabinet.


ACI-Cables-InitiativeAPPROVED CABLES INITIATIVE REVEALED TO ELECTRICAL SUPPLY INDUSTRY - "Rogue, dangerous cable to be eradicated in collaborative pledge to cable a safer Britain".
Today, the Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) launched its proactive and co-ordinated plan to investigate and address the issue of unsafe, non-approved and counterfeit cables in the UK marketplace. With an audience of electrical industry professionals, trade organisations, legislators, media and members of parliament, this new industry-wide initiative has the objective to communicate, educate and raise awareness of this serious issue. 
If you are going to buy a parachute.... Would you buy the cheapest? Print E-mail

parachute.jpgEastleigh MP Chris Huhne has warned that many lives could be lost in fires caused by sub-standard imports of electrical cable.
“This shoddy cable is a threat to British lives and local jobs and we must fight it vigorously” said Mr Huhne. “Buying cheap sub-standard cable is a clear fire risk and could expose builders and wholesalers to actions for negligence or worse”.
Mr Huhne has tabled parliamentary questions on behalf of Prysmian, a major local employer in Bishopstoke that produces EU-tested quality cable. More than a quarter of the electrical fires in England are due to problems with wires, cable and leads to appliances.

The ACI (Approved Cables Initiative) Print E-mail


The ACI (Approved Cables Initiative) recently formed, led by the BCA (British Cables Association) is an initiative involving the whole cable systems supply chain from end to end – from manufacturer through installer to end user.  To ensure that the cables systems and products purchased and installed throughout the UK are safe, fit for purpose and fully compliant with the requisite specifications, standards and approvals.

Testing time for the Cable Industry Print E-mail


basec certification

The British Approvals Service for Cables is stepping up its scrutiny and testing of cables on the market in the UK, with the active support of the British Cables Association (BCA).
BASEC purchases a range of products from the open market to check conformity.  End users also approach BASEC when they experience problems with cable they have purchased.  On testing, many of these are found not to comply with British Standards, and some could be considered as dangerous.

Cables for umbilical applications Print E-mail

umbilicals_01UK cable manufacturer and supplier Tratos Ltd. has an extensive range of hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electrical umbilical cabling for subsea oil and gas extraction, designed and manufactured with reliability and durability as key for such demanding environments.
The Tratos subsea cable range allows for hydraulic and injection fluids to be transmitted, as well as power and data, depending on the cable type.  They are all suited for installation at depths up to 2000 metres, with select umbilicals qualified for depths of 3000 meters.

BOOKS - Innovative 11–25kV aluminum-steel overhead conductor Print E-mail

opw_00Electricity Distribution, 2009 20th International Conference and Exhibition on
Innovative 11–25kV aluminum-steel overhead conductor
R. Emma, F. Boiani, M. De Nigris, R. Berti, R. Fava, D. Valori, G. Civili
During the last decade the cost of copper and aluminium base metal has risen and challenged Energy Utilities in developing alternative cost-effective technological solutions. Enel SpA, together with Cesi Ricerca SpA and two accredited manufacturers (Tratos Cavi SpA and De Angeli Prodotti SpA), engineered an innovative MV overhead bare conductor made of annealed aluminium, extruded around a supporting steel core. In this paper we will illustrate the new conductor with the more traditional overhead conductor types and its economical and environmental benefits and drawbacks.

TRATOSPANELFLEX - Innovation in our Packaging Print E-mail


packagingApplication requirements
The product is applied so that the inner part (laminated) is directly in contact with the turns of the cables. The correct application of the product will be carried when the cable on the drum has an homogeneous winding. In order to assure the complete protection of cables, the product has to be overlapped about 4 cm before the closing of the drum.