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2010 July
ENEA, Italian industries along with Tratos wins 49 million contract for ITER international hi-tech. Print E-mail
ITER_TF_Tratos_smallENEA, a world leader in the design and production of superconducting cables for Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion, led by Eng. Anthony Court, together with Criotec Srl, experts in the manufacturing of components operating at very low temperatures, and TRATOS Cavi Spa, a leading global manufacturer of electric cables and optical fibre, has participated in the tender for the supply of key components of the ITER experiment.

The product will be built at Cadarache in France and the purpose is to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of energy production by controlled thermonuclear fusion.

The industrial partners have been specifically identified and qualified by ENEA for joint participation in the tender. The tender was instigated by Fusion for Energy (F4E) for the production of Cable-In-Conduit (CIC) superconducting wire to be used in the worldwide construction of magnets for the ITER reactor and also the Japanese JT60SA.

The superconductivity laboratory (ENEA) promptly selected from the international firms chosen to tender whose suitability were indentified based on the synergy between the scientific and technical knowledge of ENEA and the production capacity of the selected industrial partners. The excellent prototypes manufactured by the partners, ensured the group successfully competed at an international level against high level competitors.

The contract, which will last four years for a value of around 49 million euros, will be managed by forming a consortium called ICAS (Italian Consortium on Applied Superconductivity), which will be coordinated by ENEA.

The basic superconducting material, valued at around 90 million euros and supplied by Fusion for Energy, will undergo initial processing by TRATOS at their Pieve Santo Stefano (AR) manufacturing plant. The final assembly will be carried out by Criotec in Chivasso (Turin). ENEA will oversee and coordinate all activities to ensure the ‘the art’ of producing these components is realised.


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Expo_Ferroviaria_2010 Cable manufacturer Tratos Cavi SpA exhibited a range of its railway cables at EXPO Ferroviaria 2010. The italian main exhibition dedicated  to the railway industry.
BASEC suspend licence of Turkish manufacturer Print E-mail
logo_ACIAtlas Kablo Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Sirketi of Turkey has violated their BASEC product certification licence which has now been suspended by BASEC with immediate effect and until further notice. They are better known in the UK as Atlas Kablo who supply a number of cable distributors and wholesalers with PVC house wiring, flex and conduit wires.
Samples of their defective cable were passed to BASEC for investigation by the ACI, after ACI had tested them and found they did not comply with appropriate British Standards. BASEC then carried out their own independent tests, which confirmed the findings of the ACI.
tratos-lvenel-concentric-cablesEon_UK_EnergyCable manufacturer Tratos has been awarded a framework contract worth £2 million per annum to supply E.ON - one of the UK’s leading power and gas companies - with medium and low voltage cables for its distribution business.
The cables are to be used on new projects and maintenance of existing infrastructure.
These cables come with solid insulation, in a range of sizes, all with aluminium or copper wires, polyethylene and PVC insulation and outer PVC sheaths. The cables are supplied in standard lengths and also bespoke lengths for special uses.
Multi-million metres of defective cable exposed Print E-mail
logo_ACIAn Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) investigation has led to more than 11 million metres of cable manufactured by Turkish company, Atlas Kablo, being recalled from the UK market, following the suspension of two of its product certification licences.
The suspension by BASEC (British Approvals Service for Cables) on 17th May of Atlas Kablo’s product certification licence has been followed this week by the announcement that Atlas Kablo’s HAR scheme certification licence for H05VV-F flexible cables from the Turkish Standards Institution, TSE, has also been suspended. TSE is still to advise about the quantities of cabling involved in the latest suspension.
Reports of faulty cabling from concerned contractors earlier this year led the ACI to test samples of product from the Turkish cable manufacturer. The samples were found to have insufficient copper leading to high conductor resistance and did not comply with appropriate British Standards. Independent testing by BASEC later confirmed the ACI’s findings and led to the suspension of Atlas Kablo’s BASEC licence for a serious decline in quality across its range of products.
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