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2010 October
Subsea cables suit installations at depths up to 2000 metres Print E-mail

TRATOSubmarine Power cable

UK cable manufacturer and supplier Tratos Ltd has an extensive range of hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electrical umbilical cabling for subsea oil and gas extraction, designed and manufactured with reliability and durability as key or such demanding environments.

The Tratos subsea cable range allows for hydraulic and injection fluids to be transmitted, as well as power and data, depending on the cable type. They are all suited for installation at depths up to 2000 metres, with select umbilicals qualified for depths of 3000 metres.
The cables have been tested extensively both in laboratory trials and actual installations and have proven to be exceptionally reliable.

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Modular Wiring Systems launches MWS Armourflex Print E-mail

catalogues_armourflexModular Wiring Systems launches MWS Armourflex, a series of flexible galvanised steel metallic conduit either bare or sheathed with PVC or LSFZH compound.
Having good resitance for fire, crushing and impact these conduits have numerous commercial and industrial applications.
These include rail; wiring to machinery: underfloor; factories; general protection of any optical fibre or copper cables indoor or outdoor; CCTV; alarms.
We can also offer pre-wired conduit solutions.


Tratos Nuclear Cables Print E-mail


ENEA, Italian industries along with Tratos wins 49 million contract for ITER international hi-tech.
ENEA, a world leader in the design and production of superconducting cables for Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion, led by Eng. Anthony Court, together with Criotec Srl, experts in the manufacturing of components operating at very low temperatures, and Tratos Cavi Spa, a leading global manufacturer of electric cables and optical fibre, has participated in the tender for the supply of key components of the ITER experiment.


Tratos launches a series of FTTH optical cables Print E-mail

prima_ftthCable manufacturer and supplier Tratos, launches a series of FTTH optical cables designed for use inside buildings to connect individual properties.
Optimised for brownfield construction networks, the new FTTH cables run vertically from the bottom to the top of the building.
One or more of the cables in the bundle can be branched off at any point and connected to the end user.

A reduced amount of connectivity points (splices, connectors) reduces the installation time, minimising disruption for residents.

The cables themselves are highly flexible, even with the added protective reinforcement designed into the cable, allowing the horizontal drop cables to be pulled through existing ducts without any damage.
This is further aided by their small diameter and miniaturised cable accessories, making them suitable for installation in small conduits and building floor access points.

Euromax - Let's take a turn... maybe two! Print E-mail


Let's take a turn... maybe two!
After two years
Tratos cables continually working
without any corkscrew effect
in Euromax, the Rotterdam port.
Speed 270 m/min.
Let's take another turn!

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