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2010 November



TRATOS Knowsley has gained certification to the coveted and internationally recognized ISO14001 standard for environmental management systems. Combining individual efforts from the management team and the specialist expertise of ‘Tony Wright Consulting’, the UK based cable manufacturer has successfully implemented the systematic framework for the company to identify the environmental impact of its activities, products and services. In addition the system establishes commitments and targets, and monitors results in order for the organisation to continuously improve its performance.


Awarded by BASEC, one of the world's most prestigious approval bodies, the certification was awarded to TRATOS after it implemented and demonstrated a company-wide environmental management system. The system has allowed Tratos to identify waste minimisation opportunities, energy efficiency measures, comply fully with environmental legislation and offer greater protection of the environment. This achievement has been added to the list of externally accredited certifications which include ISO9001 Quality Management and BASEC Product Certification.
Tratos WIN ITER Print E-mail


ENEA, Italian industries along with Tratos wins 49 million contract for ITER international hi-tech.

ENEA, a world leader in the design and production of superconducting cables for Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion, led by Eng. Anthony Court, together with Criotec Srl, experts in the manufacturing of components operating at very low temperatures, and Tratos Cavi Spa, a leading global manufacturer of electric cables and optical fibre, has participated in the tender for the supply of key components of the ITER experiment.
Tratos' contribution is the superconducting wire. Toroidal Field (TF)

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Tratos cavi Spa has got the certification for TRATOS DEDALUS SOLAR CABLE Print E-mail
IMQ-logoTratos cavi Spa has gained product certification for its TRATOS DEDALUS FG21M21 SOLAR CABLE for photovoltaic applications. IMQ, whom conducted the certification, are Italy’s most prestigious certification body and a European leader in conformity assessments and laboratory testing.

TRATOS DEDALUS FG21M21 SOLAR CABLE certification has guaranteed all tests on the product necessary to verify its conformity to legal, safety and reliability requirements. The cable is certified to CEI 20-91:2010, meeting the essential requirements of L.V.D. 2006/95/EC. This standard signifies extensive independent testing to assess conformity and that production methods are continually subject to surveillance.

Innotrans 2010 Print E-mail
InnoTrans_2010_Tratos_01 Innotrans 2010 was the 8th Exhibition of this kind in Berlin. More tha 100.000 visitors from 110 countries where a new record and 20% more than 2008. 2243 exhibitors show their products and TRATOS participated for the first time.
The exhibition space was 81000 qm for railway technology, railway infrastructure, public transport, interiors and tunnel construction.The acceptability of TRATOS products were high an several additional appointments were made during the exhibition.
Modular Wiring Systems launches MWS Armourflex Print E-mail

catalogues_armourflexModular Wiring Systems launches MWS Armourflex, a series of flexible galvanised steel metallic conduit either bare or sheathed with PVC or LSFZH compound.
Having good resitance for fire, crushing and impact these conduits have numerous commercial and industrial applications.
These include rail; wiring to machinery: underfloor; factories; general protection of any optical fibre or copper cables indoor or outdoor; CCTV; alarms.
We can also offer pre-wired conduit solutions.


Euromax - Let's take a turn... maybe two! Print E-mail


Let's take a turn... maybe two!
After two years
Tratos cables continually working
without any corkscrew effect
in Euromax, the Rotterdam port.
Speed 270 m/min.
Let's take another turn!

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