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2011 February

january_2011The challenge ahead - Reflections from the Editor

In these uncertain times, with increasing economic pressures and social upheaval, this moment is an appropriate time to ask ourselves the following questions; “What compels us to continue to produce in such times as these? Is it reasonable to continue investment in European manufacturing?”. To ignore these questions is to blindly do our work, my job, without question or explanation, to allow the market to determine our commercial decisions.
From where can we start again? Only from the desire of man. The heart of man, of every single man, has within the demand of Truth, Beauty, Justice.
And even if everything seems to go against this and tries to obscure it, we are convinced that this is common to everybody, that this is our strength and the point from which we can start again. This is the key to face the future. We start this challenge with the time to come in front of us and we will see how it develops in all its details. It will be an adventure and there are no ready made recipes, no guarantees.
This has been our philosophy over the last 40 years. We are facing a new adventure, we thrive under these circumstances, for us this is what makes the journey worthwhile.
There is an interesting way to enjoy our work and our lives. To experience work as an ‘end in itself’ with its own rewards, rather than merely being a ‘means to an end’. It is described by Peguy in the book “L’argent”, which we can recommend as further reading and it may even inspire in you what is has inspired among us.

Maurizio Bragagni (Editor)

«Once upon a time, workers were not serfs. They worked. They cultivated an honor that was absolute, as is proper to honor. A chair leg had to be well-made. It was natural, it was understood. It was a supreme value. It was not necessary that the chair leg be well-made for one's salary or in proportion to one's salary. It did not need to be well-made for the boss, connoisseurs, or the boss's customers. It had to be well-made for itself, in itself, in its very nature. They demanded that the leg be well-made. And every part of the chair that was not visible was worked with the same perfection as the parts that could be seen, in accordance with the same principle by which cathedrals were built?»

C. Peguy, L'argent, 1914
Reeling cables Print E-mail

TT-reeling-cables_2011 TRATOSFLEX_ES3
We have launched a new website
dedicated to the TratosFlex cables
for reeling applications.
Let's have a look!

fire_resistant_cablesSpecialist cable manufacturer Tratos Cavi S.p.A. has won a £400,000 contract for the supply of medium and low voltage cables for a monorail at a new University in Saudi Arabia.
The Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University
for Women is expected to cover 8 million square metres and located north of Riyadh. The university will include administration buildings, 13 faculties, a 700-bed student hospital, laboratories, research centres, and a residential area for students and staff. The capacity of the university will be around 26,000 students.
Tratos won the contract to supply cables for the 11 kilometre long monorail line and depot due to the quality of the product, all of which are manufactured to the relevant European standards. The cables have to cope with high temperatures (up to 50ºC) and adverse atmospheric conditions including sand and dust storms.
Modular Wiring Systems interview Print E-mail
Floor_modular_Wyring_SystemModular wiring systems have been in existence for some 25 years, but many specifiers, developers and contractors are not only reticent to use them due to lack of understanding, but incredibly some still don’t even know what they are. Incorrect assumptions abound, from the perceived high cost and lack of flexibility and control, through to quality issues.
Modular Wiring Systems has been in the business for 16 years and is the leader in its field. Here we take the opportunity to explain what a modular wiring system is, dispel any myths and lay bare the key benefits of these pre fabricated systems.
What is a modular wiring system? Let’s start from the very beginning. A modular wiring system is a rapid and easily installed modular distribution system prefabricated off-site; the system is essentially the circuit lines of a traditional scheme. It allows for a complete installation, from the pre wired plug in distribution board (all wired internally) to the furthest point of a circuit, by simply connecting the system components together, without any hardwired connections.
Glasgow General Hospital Print E-mail
Modular Wiring Systems have now received the first order to supply Mercury Engineering via MEF wholesalers the Armoured MC cable product to the Glasgow General Hospital, the largest construction project in Scotland.