The ACI (Approved Cables Initiative) Print

logo_ACIThe ACI (Approved Cables Initiative) recently formed, led by the BCA (British Cables Association) is an initiative involving the whole cable systems supply chain from end to end – from manufacturer through installer to end user. To ensure that the cables systems and products purchased and installed throughout the UK are safe, fit for purpose and fully compliant with the requisite specifications, standards and approvals. It is estimated that 20% of cable products in the supply chain are non-approved, unsafe or counterfeit.

These products directly undermine UK and European Approval Standards and create major risks for the Industry and the UK community.

If you have a concern regarding a cable that you think may be not to standard or indeed may be counterfeit, you can send it to us here at TRATOS Limited and we will have the cable investigated.

Tratos Limited is pleased to be a part of this initiative as an active member of the BCA.