BASEC has issued a public warning Print
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aci_presentation.jpgBASEC has issued a public warning notice about certain cables which have been sold into the UK market.

The cables are not BASEC approved and do not carry the BASEC mark.

The cables are multi-core PVC sheathed XLPE insulated steel wire armoured cables, of type BS 5467, in various sizes that are commonly used for low voltage power distribution.

BASEC testing of these cables has indicated a number of serious faults including excessive conductor resistance and excessive armour resistance. The effective safe conductor size of the cables is up to two standard sizes smaller than that marked on the cables, which may result in overloading. The armour resistance may result in ineffective earthing.

The cables may be identified by the brand marking "Kaydour" on the cables. It is understood that the cables originate in India, and that they have been distributed in the UK through at least one supplier. It is not known if all cable with this marking is suspect.

End users and contractors who are aware that these cables have been installed in premises should inspect installations to identify the presence of these cables. Affected installations should be tested for capacity, performance and safety. If safety concerns are raised it is recommended that the affected cables are removed and replaced by approved cables.

Further information and assistance can be obtained from BASEC.

The warning notice can be downloaded from the BASEC website here.