BASEC suspend licence of Turkish manufacturer Print
basec certification
Atlas Kablo Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Sirketi of Turkey has violated their BASEC product certification licence which has now been suspended by BASEC with immediate effect and until further notice. They are better known in the UK as Atlas Kablo who supply a number of cable distributors and wholesalers with PVC house wiring, flex and conduit wires.

Samples of their defective cable were passed to BASEC for investigation by the ACI, after ACI had tested them and found they did not comply with appropriate British Standards. BASEC then carried out their own independent tests, which confirmed the findings of the ACI.

It is understood Atlas Kablo has acknowledged to BASEC that cables have failed to meet British Standards and admitted breaching their product certification licence. They are contacting their customers to advise them of the situation and withdrawing these non compliant cables from the market.

BASEC has advised that any one purchasing these cables should not install them and should seek further guidance if cables have already been installed. BASEC has also communicated their findings and suspension decision to the UK Health and Safety Executive and to the Turkish HAR scheme authorities who issue approvals for other products Atlas Kablo supply to distributors in the UK.

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